This is the first time these remixes have been released on vinyl. It is the first time “Da Rawkus” has been released anywhere. The remixes were originally included on the Champion Sound (Deluxe Edition) double CD.

Instrumental versions of Def’s critically acclaimed “”American Gangster”” Remix project from 2007. The vinyl includes 15 masterfully composed tracks with sounds ranging from soulful and haunting to up-tempo party vibes.

BLAZE OF GLORY is the title of the 2016 White Shadow Of Norway album. A compilation of exclusives and official remixes from his albums, plus some brand new bangers! Beats, cuts, production, mix, mastering, and cover artwork by The White Shadow Of Norway. Very dope album, so don’t sleep on this one – peep the audio snippets on UGHH.

If you missed this release when it first came out, now is your time to get your copy of this box set! Repackaged to not be as clunky as the initial release (which was 13 jewel cases!), and priced much lower. This is enough Madlib to satisfy your for the rest of your life.

Vinyl obsessive, renowned DJ and leading light of the global edit scene, Kon knows a thing or two about good music. His latest project, Kon & The Gang, introduces a selection of tracks, remixes and edits that the Boston native has lent his golden touch to over the years. Featuring artists à la mode Truccy (Compost’s Rainer Trueby & Corrado Bucci), Eli Escobar, Seven Davis Jr, Medlar and Thatmanmonkz, the album gives newcomers to the scene a fantastic taste of the DIY disco/ throwback house revival which is currently taking the underground by storm. A mixture of effortlessly cool, slow slung disco & boogie and deftly edited dancefloor gems, ‘Kon & The Gang’ is sure to delight fans of soulful music old and new.

Bleeds, which featured production from intergenerational studio geniuses Switch, Adrian Sherwood and Rodney Smith himself, is now being repackaged in a splendiferous deluxe edition, with 10 brand new and exclusive tracks and remixes, including ‘On A High’ , remixes from Kode 9, Pinch, Champion and rLr (XL’s Richard Russell) and studio off-cut gold. The album’s art has been lovingly designed by Leif Podhajsky, the zeitgeist-adjusting visual artist behind covers for Grimes, Bonobo and Foals amongst others. It is a thing to behold, and an even better thing to buy and take home.

Third album on All City from LA via Philly beat machine Knxwledge, coming out on cassette! Straight up rap remixes culled from his Wrap Taypes series.

From the album: LA Counting EP (Fat Beats Records), available for pre-order on Vinyl LP.
Song produced by: Union Analogtronics (aka Union)

Hot off his collaboration with Madlib and MED (Bad Neighbor), SoCal ambassador Blu has teamed up with the Paris-based production team UNION to present “LA COUNTING”, the lead single off their forthcoming album Cheetah in the City. Featuring remixes by Exile, Dibiase, and Yann Kesz, this limited edition picture disc 10″ delivers Blu’s lyrical love letter to Los Angeles while UNION’S synth-soaked production marks a stylistic sea change for the Below the Heavens MC.

Big new release from our good friends over at Slice-Of-Spice! Over the last decade Lord Finesse has remixed several of his classics which have been pressed to limited edition vinyl. This album brings all of these tracks together for the first time, in an amazing Deluxe Double Disc Edition package, including all the instrumental versions. The album includes remixes by Preemo, Large Professor, DJ Spinna, and DJ Muro.