“Jungle Law” gives a glimpse into Boogie Belgique’s sonic palette. Tough hip hop beats and funky live guitar follow an intro of jungle ambience as a trumpet presents the melody. Soon some swingy big band jazz enters the song in an almost ghostly manner, while the insistent beat keeps the dance floor moving. Album opener “Go Slow” shows a different side to the coin giving the listener an uptempo broken beat rhythm, some bouncy bass guitar, snippets of string loops, and a lovely, forlorn vocal line that echoes the past. It’s a beautiful concoction, and Boogie Belgique delivers on many aspects of this style throughout his eleven track album. Volta is a satisfying trip in an aural time machine.

From the album: Malibu (Steel Wool Records; OBE), CD and Vinyl LP shipping.
Song produced by: Hi-Tek (of Reflection Eternal)

From the album: Malibu (OBE; Steel Wool Records), CD and Vinyl LP shipping.
Song produced by: 9th Wonder & Callum Connor

After ”Suede”, a song he recorded with beatmaker Knxwledge under the name NxWorries, caught Dr. Dre’s ear, .Paak became a significant part of Compton: A Soundtrack by Dr. Dre, making six appearances on the album. Not surprisingly, those songs combined for .Paak’s big break, and now, eight years after deciding he wanted to make music his livelihood, he’s released his best project yet, an affecting album that masterfully marries hip-hop, R&B, and soul.
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Sold out since July! Originally released in the UK in 2003, Amy Winehouses platinum debut FRANK is back in stock on vinyl!
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