The warmth of Volume 3 on wax mamita! Over the past few years, The Doppelgangaz have gone from obscurity (Orange County, New York) to taking their unique sound all over the world. They have managed to do so while still having time to write, produce, and visit ungodly amounts of brothels. They take pride in handling their own production, designing their artwork and directing their own music videos. The ability to oversee every aspect of the creative process has allowed the gang to present cohesive projects that uphold their ghastly vision.
CD and Vinyl Instrumentals also available.

Instrumental version of Beats For Brothels Vol. 3 – not much more to say! If you’re down with the Dopp, you want doubles of this one.
CD and Vinyl also available.

From the album: Beats For Brothels Vol. 3 (Groggy Pack Entertainment), CD shipping and Vinyl LP available for pre-order.
Song produced by: The Doppelgangaz (Matter Ov Fact & EP)