Ultimate Breaks & Beats is a series of 25 compilation albums released between 1986 and 1991 on Street Beat Records. The tracks included on the albums contain music from 1966 to 1984 that specifically feature drum breaks. Homage is being paid to one of the most revered characters in the series’ iconic cover artwork; the boom box toting, sky walking B-Boy Spaceman from Volume 3 of the Ultimate Breaks & Beats series.

Dilla Forever! As a selected retailer, UGHH is psyched to announce we are now taking preorders for the ‘J Dilla Figure: Donuts Edition’, a very limited J. Dilla action figure created in conjunction between Detroit artist Sintex, Seoul-based toy artist P2PL, Blitzway and Pay Jay Productions. This figure is fan-tas-tic, featuring Jay Dee’s outfit for the Donuts photos, removable hat, sampler & chain – plus it allows James Yancey to further look out for his heirs from above the clouds, so get yours now before they’re all gone!