Ever order a kale salad and discover a neckbone in it? That’s funk. Ever written a love letter on a chicken grease-stained napkin? That’s funk. The Du-Rites are without a doubt the soundtrack to both of those situations, but by definition, The Du-Rites are a duo of New York based multi-instrumentalists comprised of Pablo Martin (guitar, bass, synthesizer) and J-Zone (drums, organ, bass, turntables, percussion instruments). Funk comes from so many places that it’s hard to visit them all, but the duo manages to do just that on their self-titled (and almost wholly instrumental) debut LP. From the greasy, lo-fi and syncopated grooves of the late ’60s to ’70s cop show funk to the slick stomp of the early ’80s, The Du-Rites have membership at both the rib shack and the discotheque.

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