“The long awaited, most accommodated, could never fade it cuz it’s always hip hop related” -from Lootpack feat. Dilated Peoples “Long Awaited”

18 years ago UndergroundHipHop.com was created as a place to check out emerging independent Hip Hop artists. Although many things have changed since our inception we still boast the same Underground aesthetic of originality, experimentation, and independence from the norm. One other thing that really hasn’t changed much over all these years is our website! Well, the time has finally come for the relaunch of UGHH. Long time fans will find comfort in all the best parts we have carried over and new & old fans can both enjoy the improved functionality! This new site marks the beginning of a new chapter in our history & we look forward to carving out our path once again along with all the artists, labels, brands, and most importantly, the fans who come together to make such a vibrant and resilient Hip Hop sub-culture.

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